Microbridge, the inventors of the Rejustor, simplifies analog design by giving engineers a new dimension of precision and flexibility to electrically calibrate the accuracy of their designs and "tune-out" the adverse effects of temperature, reduce design complexity, lower costs and improve time-to-market. Microbridge manufactures a full line of flow sensors including micro flow sensors as well as sensor conditioners and Rejustor products.


Bridging the gap between sensing a physical phenomenon and representing it predictably as an electrical signal should not be left to chance. Only Microbridge uses industry accepted Rejustor™ technology to ensure the most accurate and reliable conversion. Starting with proprietary design techniques that pre-define flow impedance at the die level, our sensors dramatically reduce demands on subsequent packaging, and individual units require only simple offset and gain compensation. Applications include: HVAC, Medical CPAP, Blood pressure monitors and more.

Sensor Conditioning

Signal Conditioning corrects for errors inherent in the sensor element. The Microbridge approach starts with an extremely linear sensing element and thus eliminates much of the complexity of the conditioning circuitry. By using Rejustor technology, our stand alone signal conditioning chips can tackle the most difficult challenges and produce accurate and reliable signals in the analog domain. Some applications are: Gas detectors, Pressure sensors, Flow sensors, etc.


Stand alone Rejustors have been used for years in sensor conditioning applications. Their usefulness extends well into the world of precision analog where they find applications such as drive by wire, broadband over power lines, ultra precise voltage references, highly accurate high gain instrumentation amplifiers, extreme heat vibration sensors, and much more.